Cattle in Fields

Some people are concerned about walking in fields with cattle and although incidents are actually rare, a member has provided the following for publication:

After a fairly minor incident in a field of cattle the other day I was prompted to find out what the official policy was regarding behaviour of humans whilst on a footpath in a field with cattle grazing.
The following seems to apply and I think it could be helpful if we all knew how to behave in the appropriate manner.
When entering a field with cattle in it please keep together after negotiating either the style or gate. Do NOT set off in single file but keep together as a group with anyone with sticks on the outside of the group. This way anyone fearful of cattle can be on the inside of the group.
Take care not to separate either the bull from his cows or cows from their calves.
If an attack seems imminent make yourself as big as possible (spread arms and legs and wave sticks if you have them)  and make lots of noise. If you have a dog on a lead let it go, the dog will take care of itself.
If an incident does occur whilst on a public footpath this should be reported to the police.