Donate a Gate & North Bucks rRIPPLE

Help improve public access to our local network of footpaths and other rights of way?

A good way is to replace awkward, difficult and derelict stiles by donating either a conventional gate or a kissing gate. This can be done for as little as £250, including a plaque with a special message for you or from you, and of course installation. 

North Bucks rRIPPLE

There is a "Donate a Gate" scheme covering north Buckinghamshire, run by North Bucks rRIPPLE, as part of an Area scheme run by Ramblers, who co-ordinate their work with Bucks County Council.  

The scheme is open to individuals, groups, organisations, businesses and parish councils. North Bucks rRIPPLE (ramblers Repairing and Improving Public Paths for Leisure & Exercise) will install the gate, organise a plaque with your name and message, tell you where it is, and send you a photograph of it when the work is done. 

To find out more or join the team, contact North Bucks rRIPPLE co-ordinator Bill Piers on 01844 290923 or 07799 110128, or by e-mail at For more information on their work, click here.

rRIPPLE'S Achievments

Since 2015, North Bucks rRIPPLE have installed over 160 gates (at June 2019). To see their reports and details of all the gates they have installed click here.