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Aylesbury Ring


This page is intended to advise walkers of anything that may affect the route in question and will be updated as necessary as we become aware of anything noteworthy. Should you come across an issue on the route then please advise us via the contact details on this website.


Route Maintenance

Aylesbury Ramblers have just completed a refurbishment of the whole Ring greatly refreshing and improving way marking, clearing gates, stiles, bridges, etc. and their approach paths, and referring any other problems like damaged path furniture of non-reinstatement of fields to BCC Rights of Way.

If you want to see us at work, click here.


Housing Developments

As always, planning applications are being submitted across our area all the time. The following proposed developments will affect the Aylesbury Ring, and if you plan to walk the Ring in the Waddesdon area, you will need to be aware of the following development applications:


1.       Waddesdon Footpath 18 from Baker Street to junction with WAD/7 going through the old allotments is within a development area that now has planning permission that will involve some slight realignment, an improved surface and may be subject to some diversions and/or closures.

2.       Waddesdon Footpath 4 across the first field from Little Britain is also is within a development area not yet approved but if it is will also involve some slight realignment, an improved surface and may be subject to some diversions and/or closures.


High Speed Line 2

Now that the Government's plans for HS2 have been approved by Parliament final surveys and enabling work such as access roads, etc. will start immediately, so there will be some disruption to footpaths and roads. This could occur anywhere that an access road or preparation for one cuts the ring and could result in short or long term diversions.

However, at present, there are two definite points where the propsed HS2 line crosses existing footpath network. They are:


1.       At Wendover on WEN/6 just south of the Railway bridge on the Risborough Road the station – The Road will be closed for some time  and the path diverted to cross HS2 over the green tunnel so diversions and/or closures are inevitable at some point.


2.       At Waddesdon on Footpath WAD/4 north-east of the village and west of the Pitchcott Road -  Crossing will be via an accommodation bridge and will involve some realignment accompanied by some diversions and/or closures.


This page will be updated from time to time.

Last Updated April 2017