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Ramblers Worldwide Holidays Walking Partnership (Sept 2014)

Ramblers is pleased to announce that from October 2014 it has entered into a three year agreement with Ramblers Worldwide Holidays. The agreement is focused on online opportunities to promote each other and we hope that it will bring in more members who want to support our work. Ramblers thanks HF Holidays for its support over the last three years.

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New Year message from Ramblers HQ (Dec 2012)  


Thanks to you, we've achieved a lot this year for walkers in Britain.

Together, we have:

  • Celebrated the opening of the Wales Coast Path - making Wales the first country in the world to have a path around its entire coast. You've also kept coastal walking a high priority, resulting in plans to have much of the English coastline open for walkers by 2017.  
  • Put pressure on the Government to rethink the way our National Trails in England, are managed so that the standards of our Trails don't fall.
  • Convinced the Forestry Panel in England, that woodland walking is hugely important, resulting in their recommendation to Government that "access to woodland should be the norm".
But there is a lot left to do, and 2013 will see further threats to walkers:
  • Local budget cuts across Britain mean we have to monitor and protect our path network more than ever
  • The Government will announce its plans for the future of woodland. This will be the first Government forestry policy since they put plans on hold to sell England's Forestry Estate. We need to make sure it's good news for walkers.  
  • In Scotland, everyone has the right to roam almost anywhere, but the issue of land reform is now under review by the Scottish Government.  We want to ensure Scottish access rights are not weakened.
Together, we can take on these issues and make Britain one of the best places in the world to walk.

Thanks again for all your support. 

Happy New Year and best wishes for 2013!

Nicky Philpott,
Director of Campaigns

P.S The Ramblers has a new and improved website - find out all the latest on our campaigns

Regional Membership Marketing Update (Dec 2012)


This email  is to confirm that the Ramblers Regional Membership Marketing Officer for the Northern Home Counties, Sam Newby-Ricci,  will be leaving the charity on 14th December 2012 after a year in post.

I know that she has already let you know personally of her decision to leave the charity, but this is to give some brief background context.

The role was introduced as a pilot test to explore new ways of recruiting members in a specific region of Britain. Northern Home Counties comprises five areas and 41 groups and over 12,000 members so was a suitably sizeable geographic area to try this kind of new initiative.

We had no way of predicting the likely new member take up, however looked to try and bring in 1,250 joiners over a year.

Accordingly, there were a number of new initiatives across a very wide range of work started to this end across NHC, including local events, promotions, online activity and a very busy programme of liaison between groups, areas and also staff at central office.

All these programmes were being piloted to attempt to bring in new joiners and also to develop our publicity and promotional capability at a local level. In addition there was increased feedback into central office to help communication and learning.

In terms of pure new member recruitment the programme, notwithstanding all our best efforts together, did not achieve the target, which has - with hindsight - proved to be very optimistic.

However, there are a number of new approaches to localised marketing at group and area level that we are capturing to share learning from in the future, that are of great value to the charity and indeed this pilot work in NHC had broadened out substantially from the initial narrow remit, to provide new initiatives and guidance on a large range of marketing actions.

Sam is leaving the charity in order to take up a new role elsewhere, and as the pilot was due to end on 31st March 2013, we will not be looking to recruit for this remaining short time period.

We will be reviewing how to share the new ideas from this pilot in 2013 and much of the activity started will be blended into the new business plan programme for the coming year.

Any feedback from yourselves on this pilot would be most useful too; we will be in touch in the New Year regarding a summary of key observations from the pilot that may be of interest.

In the meanwhile, may I take this opportunity to wish you a Happy Christmas and my good wishes for a Rambling New Year!



Tony Hall
Director of Marketing and Communications
Tel: 020 7339 8544
Email: Tony.Hall@ramblers.org.uk

Putting money where our mouth is on National Trails (Dec 2012)

As well as changing the way National Trails are looked after, the Government plans to stop promoting and marketing them too.
Instead, they want another organisation to take this on. The Government has asked anyone interested in running the National Trails website (and producing leaflets and other promotional material) to enter a bidding process.

Concerned that a company with no appreciation of the heritage, intrinsic value, or uniqueness of the trails could win this tender, the Ramblers have put our money where our mouth is and submitted a proposal to take this over.

With charitable funds, we do not do this lightly. But as Britain’s walking charity with 115,000 members, we believe we are best placed to attract walkers young and old to our fantastic National Trails.

As the charity at the forefront of the campaign for Britain’s very first National Trail nearly 70 years ago, we hope you’ll support us.

We’ll let you know how we get on with our bid. Wish us luck!



Nicky Philpott
Campaign Director

Ramblers: New website coming soon (Nov 2012)

For information: New website coming soon

Sent to all Area and Group webmasters, chairs and secretaries with an email address on the CRM

Many of you will already be aware that throughout this year we've been working with a digital agency to rebuild the main Ramblers website to include a refreshed design, new Content Management System (CMS), integration with our membership database and updated content.

The new website will also feature Ramblers Routes – an online library of walking routes for independent walkers – which many volunteers will be familiar with following regional route development workshops and sessions at General Council earlier this year.

We will soon be unveiling the new ramblers.org.uk and wanted to give Areas and Groups, and particularly webmasters, useful information to ensure a smooth launch.

Group Walks Finder

The Group Walks Finder has not been redeveloped as part of this phase of our on-going web developments so Walks Finder Editors will be able to continue to upload their walks as normal. The Group Walks Finder will however be re-skinned to feature the new website header and footer and we will also be updating some links within pages on the system to point to the new website.


We are endeavouring to maintain links to key pages on the current Ramblers website on the new website by way of page aliases (short, friendly URLs) and redirects. We will be giving webmasters a list of these aliases and redirects as soon as possible so that appropriate action can be taken to avoid broken links. Unfortunately we are not able to provide redirects for every page on the current website and there will be some necessary work for webmasters to undertake on local websites as we move to the new website.

Feedback and online help

The new website will feature user guides and feedback forms for both the site as a whole and the Volunteer Zone (which will be a dedicated section for volunteers). The user guides will be a useful tool to help people find their way around the new website structure. The feedback forms will allow website users to report any website problems, such as broken links, as well as give their feedback.

Plans for the new website were informed by feedback we received from volunteers and members following a survey we conducted last year and we've also been working with an advisory panel made up of volunteers from a selection of Ramblers groups.

We’re very excited about what the new website holds for volunteers, members and the wider walking public and this will be just the first of a number of improvements to our digital presence and the way we communicate online. Look out for the new website coming soon!

Kind regards,


Emma Pearson

Ramblers Web Editor

Campaign for National Trails


Our campaign for National Trails has always called for one thing above all else:

National Trails are national treasures and so must have a national champion.

Thanks to all the people who’ve donated to our campaign, we’ve been able to speak with lawyers and use the Freedom of Information Act to question Natural England – the Government body responsible for National Trails.

And guess what? We found out that Natural England agreed with us!

Just weeks before they published their consultation on the future of National Trails, they pulled a whole chapter which talked about the role of a “family champion” for the Trails.

We don’t know why that chapter didn’t make it to the final draft. In a way it doesn’t matter. What we do know is that Natural England are very aware of just how important it is that National Trails have a proper national champion – they even used the same language.

It’s made us more determined than ever to keep up our campaign. You can continue to support our campaign for National Trails TODAY by making a donation.

Thanks so much for your support.


Nicky Philpott
Campaign Director

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