Walking Groups Really are Good for You

Where's the evidence

A study by researchers at the University of East Anglia published in British Journal of Sports Medicine suggests that not only is walking good for your health but that walking in groups has additional benefits:
  • When walking with friends you are less likely to skip a session
  • People walking in groups tend to walk further and faster than they would normally walk
  • People walking in groups tend to have a more positive attitude to physical activity, a shared experience of well being, feel less isolated and more secure.
The full report can be found here, but the bottom line is that walking in groups is one of the best and easiest ways to boost overall health with wide ranging benefits that go beyond just the physical activity - especially if you do it with a sociable group like Aylesbury & District Ramblers!

But the UEA are not the only organisation to promote the benefits of walking.

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Our View: Walking is good for you – very good for you

The Welfare Team at Stoke Mandeville Hospital asked Stephen O’Shea to talk to staff on 7 May 2019 about walking and Ramblers as part of their Walking Month and Mental Health programmes.  Stephen first introduced Carolyn Brown (our Chair) and said that after an operation he had really missed walking [Slide 1] because he missed the group of people and walking makes you feel better and go to lovely places like the Rag Pits near Wendover Woods [Slide 2].  He said walking not only makes you FEEL better but also to BE better [Slide 3]. 

The list of problems eased by walking is long and comprehensive and not only for walkers but also for everyone [Slide 4].  £4.2 Billion could be saved for the NHS from a more active population.

Maximising footfall would also help preserve our unique world heritage of Public Rights of Way which are under threat from budget cuts, HS2 and other construction and from neglect.  Our gifts of gates and the OAR were mentioned and water bottles, maps of walks local to the hospital, OAR guide sets and Ramblers Membership forms were given out.

Stephen talked about the beautiful, historic, varied local countryside and its wildlife that can be enjoyed on any of our 120 walks each year [Slide 5].  Members of the audience were invited to join us on a walk as guests and introduced to the web site and the link to Ramblers’ Find a Walk [Slide 6].

There was a good discussion and people seemed pleased with the presentation and happy with the answers Carolyn and Stephen gave to their questions.

To see the presentation mentioned above, click here.