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  • is a website which superimposes councils’ Rights of Way maps (if they have released them publically) on to an underlying map which can be from the Ordnance Survey, OpenStreetMap or Bing. Having selected a place and brought up the map of choice on their site the Rights of Way are displayed and clicking on the map all the information on Council, Name, Type, length and location is displayed – Brilliant!

  • Bing Maps Map type selectable to right of zoom button. Can give you directions to your starting point.

  • Streetmap

  • Ordnance Survey maps - excellent but for an annual subscription

  • Google Maps     does not have OS quality maps but does have satellite viewing

  •    UK grid reference finder / verification (as used to check our programmes!)

  • Guide to Using Grid References  an easy to understand guide from OS

  •   Online OS mapping tool but with usage limits

  •   a good source of OS maps (according to our Footpath Secretary!)

  • Digital Mapping Software from Mapyx supporters of the Outer Aylesbury RingPC based mapping program to plan and print routes. Also export routes to a GPS and import GPX files and GPS tracks.  Program free, just buy the OS map tiles you need

Last Updated Nov 2018