Join Us

How to Join us

To join us you have to become a member of the Ramblers. When you join, and if you live in our area, you will be assigned to our Group, the Aylesbury and District Ramblers. We are just one of about 500 local groups across the country that makes up the Ramblers organisation. If you do not live in our area but still wish to walk regularly with us, you can ask to be assigned to our group.

Cost of Membership

Membership of the Ramblers currently (2020) costs from about 70p per week for a single person. There are concessions and it is cheaper still for joint members. Annual and Life membership is also available. Click here for the full details

Try before you buy

Of course we would like you to join us, but you are very welcome to come along to one of our walks to see if its right for you. If you decide to walk with us regularly then we would expect you to join Ramblers.

Find out more

To find out more, including how to join the Ramblers click here