Report Problems

Reporting Footpath Problems

You can help everyone if you come across one of the following problems when walking, by reporting it.

The sorts of problems that can be sorted by reporting them include:

  • broken or missing sign posts (but not waymarkers),
  • broken or missing gates and stiles
  • fallen trees and overgrown paths,
  • paths blocked by fences or other obstructions

Problems can be reported to The Rights of Way Operations team at Buckinghamshire Council as follows:

• Preferred Option - online

Using the Countryside and Access Monitoring System (CAMS) at Bucks Council using the definitive on-line map which is an OS map based system, with the Definitive Map added as an overlay showing path numbers, path furniture and details of previously reported problems. Using the “ i ” button, follow the on screen prompts to get you started and to report problems. You will need to register and then login before you make your report. It will not accept a report without doing this. You can ask to be kept in formed about how your report has been dealt with.

• By Telephone

by ringing 01296 395000 and asking for the Rights of Way Team.

• Using Contact Form on BC website

You will need to select Select “General Enquiry” from the drop down menu or if following up on an already reported problem “Progress Chasing” entering the reference number given when it was reported (N.B. if you select Rights of Way it will just take you to the PROW webpage which is the recommended way to report individual footpath problems)

• By letter post or hand delivered to Buckinghamshire Council offices in Walton Street, Aylesbury.

In order to report a problem you will need the following:

    • the exact location preferably by Grid Reference,
    • the path number and supplementary description where necessary. This can be supported by a section of map (1:25,000 or larger scale showing field boundaries) with the position of the problem marked on it
    • • The date the problem was observed, its nature and its extent (e.g. at field junction, whole path, northern half, etc.) of the problem which can be supplemented by a digital photograph to illustrate the problem. *