Walk with us, with friends or on your own

Walking with us

Our 120 walks a year cover everything from 4 to 16 miles. Some are leisurely, some more strenuous, but most are somewhere in between. So, why not give us a try? See where we are walking next, by clicking on the link below!

If walking with us you must wear good and sensible footwear, comfortable clothing including an additional warm layer - useful at rest stops - bring a waterproof, and a hat and sunscreen at appropriate times of year. You must bring at least a litre of water - and more on hot summer days - a snack and if you wish another drink for a rest stop - bananas are a favourite snack! Bring your walking poles if you have them.

Three Great Walks around Aylesbury

There are three great walks around Aylesbury, including one, The Outer Aylesbury Ring, developed and implemented by Us! The others are the Round Aylesbury Walk and the Aylesbury Ring.

Other Trails and Paths

Over 15 national trails and recreational paths criss-cross our area, including The Ridgeway, the North and South Bucks Ways, and the Chiltern Way, to name a few.

Walking with your friends or on your own

If walking with your friends or on your own, there are important things to remember:

    • check the weather forecast before you go and be ready for our changeable weather (it is only a forecast not a promise)
    • have good and sensible footwear, the ground will be hard or soft, uneven and muddy at times - walking poles can help with uneven ground as well as climbing and descending hills
    • wear comfortable clothing, and carry waterproof clothing and extra layers for keeping warm
    • wear a hat and use sunscreen particularly at the hottest times of year
    • take water - at least a litre and more on hot summer days - and if you are out all day enough food and drink to keep your energy up - bananas are a ramblers favourite snack!
    • take a map and a compass and learn how to use them before you go. Don't rely just on your phone, the signal is not always strong enough everywhere
    • have a plan for the day in line with your abilities or the weakest members of your group; remember you will do well to cover 2-3 miles an hour over a day, and build in time for refreshment stops
    • if walking on your own tell someone where you are going and how long you expect to be - we may be in southern England but there are many little walked parts of our area
    • but most of all enjoy yourself and respect the Countryside Code
    • if you come across a problem on a path please report it
    • We have a lot more advice on walking so click here to find out more.

Alternatively, just walk with us and let our leaders show you the way